Studio Policy

Epiphany is proudly committed to offer dance training organized around discipline, respect, class participation and personal effort. In order to create an organized, friendly and positive experience for all participants, Epiphany strictly enforces the following school policies:


All tuition is to be paid on the first week of each term. A 10% penalty will be applied to outstanding fees. All NSF cheques will be assessed a $30.00 penalty.All accounts must be up to date in order that year-end recital tickets and costumes are made available.

Return policy

All tuition must be paid by the first week of each term. A 10% penalty will be applied to outstanding fees. All NSF cheques will be assessed a $30.00 penalty. All accounts must be up to date in order that year-end recital tickets and costumes are made available. Receipt for the payment will be issued in December.

Postdated cheques will be returned prior to December 1st Only, upon request: the office must be notified in writing by NOVEMBER 20.  No refund will be made for the unused portion of the term or costume. Once payment is processed, there will be no refund. The registration fee,  registration deposit for camps and costume fees are non-refundable. There are no refunds or proration for missed classes/rehearsals.

Account credit can only be used for future program/classes enrolled, not the current season.

Studio Etiquette

1. Students are to arrive no later than 5 minutes before their class and should be picked up right after their class. Younger students must be supervised by their parents/guardians at all time outside of their class. Teachers and Epiphany staff are not responsible for students before or after their classes.

2. In addition to following the dress code for the class, hair is to be worn back, off the face, for all classes. Ballet students are required to put their hair in a bun (The students/parents will be instructed on how to make it at the beginning of each year). No jewelry. Epiphany of Dance does not assume responsibility for lost, stolen or misplaced items.

3. Washroom visits should be made PRIOR to classes.

4. Students are expected to behave appropriately at Epiphany and not to disrupt their teachers or other students in class. Parents will be notified if their child is misbehaving or causing a disruption during class.  

5.  If a student needs to be excused during class for any reason, they must ask for permission. For early dismissal, parents must make prior arrangements and come to the door to pick up their child.

Absence: Please notify the studio in advance of a class absence.

Missed and cancelled classes: Missed classes can only be made up within paid session or year and no refunds shall be issued for missed or cancelled classes. Class cancellation due to statutory holidays and severe weather conditions will not be refunded or rescheduled but can be made up. Cancelled classes due to insufficient attendance ( less than 3 students or 70% absent)  may be rescheduled.

Meeting with a teacher or artistic director:

Parents must make an appointment to speak with a teacher or the artistic director insstead of approaching them between classes or during classes. Please remember there are other children who require the teacher’s attention.

Concerns, questions or comments on any aspect of Epiphany of Dance’s policies or procedures should be directed to the artistic director.

Damaging Epiphany property

Students who deface or damage studio property will be charged for the cleaning, replacement or repair of such items.


Gum chewing is not permitted in the studios, office, change room and washrooms. Food is not permitted in the studio and the change room. Beverages are not permitted in studios at any time. A homework and eating area is provided.


Parents, guests and students are welcome to view classes when the studio blinds are open. There is no running, shouting or tapping on the windows permitted at any time. If there is a disturbance or distraction to the class, teachers will request that the viewing area be cleared. Photos within Epiphany of Dance premise and with Epiphany of Dance dancers can only be used on social media for promotional purposes by Epiphany of Dance or its designated representative or photographer.


Vehicles must use designated parking areas (in front and around the building). No DROP OFF/PICKING UP blocking the driveway of the building.