Professional Ballet Training Program (Age 10-18)

We are proud to be able to deliver a professional ballet training program to your talented dancers.

This program follows Vaganova’s training system and is designed for dancers who are interested in pursuing ballet as a profession. Starting grade 6/10yr and up, basic classes offered in this program include basic ballet technique, pointe work, character dance, repertoire classes, partner work (for dancers aged 15 and up), Jazz/contemporary, conditioning/stretching. Workshops in other dance styles are offered occasionally throughout the regular training to expand the versatility of the dancers.

The dancers in the program are also given opportunities to work with internationally renowned dance artists and to be placed periodically at major ballet training institutions such as Beijing Dance Academy, New Zealand School of Dance.

Individualized training and attention is the key to our professional program. While part-time and full time training are offered consecutively, a dancer is expected to dance 2 -4 hours minimum daily and 4-6 days a week depending on the levels. Full Time program dancers are expected to attend major national and international ballet competitions each year.

To register for this program, contact the artistic director for an initial assessment